Present your product or service in virtual reality

What is Panaroma? The answer is very simple. It’s a form of virtual reality. Panorama captures what the eye sees if we turn our head around, or tilt it up or down. It’s the potential to experience a 360 vision.This view of the real world is not new. It has been known in a cinematography for ages – a slow turn of the camera on its own axis; a rotation of the camera horizontally and it is called Pan (level turn) or vertically – called Tilt (perpendicular turn).

What’s new though is the possibility to let your customers really experience your offer. How do we do it? Using special computer software we combine pan and tilt using dozens or even a few pictures to create that all round effect.

This spherical panorama can be named both Virtual Reality (VR) or Quick Time Virtual Reality (QTVR). The superiority over classic picture slideshows is obvious. We can see everything just as if we were really there, whether it’s an enclosed room, or house or a wide landscape.

But even more exciting is that by combining several spherical panoramas it is now possible to take a ‘tour’ of any place. This is possible due to the interactivity of panoramas. Not only we can look left of right and look up or down, we can now walk around, experiencing the same all round vision.

This is virtual touring and it means that, because spherical panoramas are linked together, we are able to walk from one panorama to another. Touring more expanded places with a bigger number of rooms or just one huge space is now so easy and saves time. You just travel the whole place by clicking the appropriate cursors on the screen or by using the software menu.

In addition you will hear the natural sounds of the place you tour – footsteps, opening and closing doors or the virtual guide’s voice – these all help add to the reality of actually being there. It is also possible to enlarge chosen elements, such as small details which can give us vital additional information; for example billboards, menus, maps or short films.

Using professional, 3-D, multimedia presentation opens a new door for the entrepreneur to gain new clients. Prospective customers will have a clearer vision of you product or service, which makes the decision process much more straightforward.

Virtual panorama is a brand new technology, restricted only by our imaginations. You can present your offer to your customers in the comfort of their own homes. There is no point in waiting! Pictures slideshows, so popular in 20th century are gone forever! It is time for change. Display fully your hotel, restaurant, apartment shopping centre; whatever you wish to sell!
It is time for a spherical view! Be the first to take advantage of this revolutionary technology.
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